Omnio Parenting is on the mission of genuinely ‘Empowering parents. And it well known that the most important task parents engage with in their lives is “Parenting”.

‘Task orientation underlying limited Parenting’ 

The commonly understood meaning of parenting is found in Wikipedia: “Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the intricacies of raising a child and not exclusively for a biological relationship”.

This clearly speaks of the tasks involved in parenting viz. ‘caregiving’ and ‘helping in the development of the body, mind and emotional aspects of a child.’

Human Parenting is comprehensive and truly inclusive

True parenting must overcome limitations and be holistic. For instance, consider these:

  • When does a person become a parent? It does not begin with infancy as popularly imagined but well before the birth of a child and continues till the very end of life  !
  • Is parenting limited to rearing and bringing up ?  Animals are reared – not human beings. Parenting is continuing process where the relationship with a child combines aspects beyond the body. It encompasses emotions and mind but truly transcends into the arena of the ‘Subconscious’ – the invisible but foundational operating system in human beings
  • Do parents educate children by sending them to school ? Education is the ‘facilitation of learning’. Education does not begin and end with the schooling process. There is a multilayer and multi-process engagement between each parent, teachers and the child. Education is a series of occurrence in the life of a child.
  • What are the boundaries for a child’s learning? Beyond language, math and physical sciences, a child has learning capabilities which extends into the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Creative, Spiritual, Sensorial and such other domains.

Parenting is a more profound process that goes beyond clichés and commonly understood terminology and methodologies. Omnio Parenting has this mission of “Parenting Empowerment” wherein the maximum focus is the self-empowerment of parents. With Omnio Parenting, there is an inherent recognition of “Who am I”, “Why am I here”, “What is the purpose of life” and therefore “How can I achieve human ends of happiness, peach and well-being”.

A genuinely empowered parent:

  • Appreciates his/her construct -individually and the relationships with the external components or aspects
  • Acknowledges all the operative components, processes and the linkages between them
  • Invokes Harmony in to actions , words and deeds done in the course of personal, professional and societal life.
  • Lives a fulfilling and purposeful life within himself/herself and the core family
  • Consequently, empowers his/her child in a holistic manner.

Principles of Omnio Parenting and PEACE

1. We live in a Universe which functions with Super Intelligence. Hence there is a design and deliberation in all that follows.

2. Human Beings engage within and outside themselves in multiple realms – As the Universe, as a ‘Human’ amongst the many ‘Beings’ in the universe and as an evolved ‘Mammal’ !

3. Existing in multiple realms I must have a meaning for my life and thence for my role as a parent.

4. Operating with the above principles leads me to a better living within myself, my family and the world beyond.

Role of Consciousness Sciences

What makes ‘Me’ the way I am? Why do others, societies and the world function the way “They’ do? Who am I and why am I living in this world and in this way?  Is there any connection between me, plants, animals and planets and other inanimate objects ?

Questions like these seemed irrelevant and not linked to parenting even in a remote way till a few years ago.  Scientists, philosophers and sociologists engaged with these but parents had little to do with it. But today, there is tremendous advancement in modern sciences with the dawn of super sciences like – Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Neurology and P sychology, Cymatics, Neuro-cardiology and many others. There is a deeper understanding of structures, linkages and functions which are present in the Universe. Thus, it includes human beings, plants, animals, planetary, cosmic and universal beings.

This recent evolution in human knowledge is being recognised as Consciousness Sciences. It is also described in terms such as Universal Energy, Divine Matrix, Quantum Universe and the like. This growing body of knowledge transcending physical sciences is described often as the pinnacle of knowledge or as core or all knowledge. Consciousness is much larger, all-inclusive science. It is much more intricate than ‘Conscious’ or ‘Conscience’.  There is a fusion of what appeared to be ‘externally driven physical sciences’ and ‘internally focused spiritual sciences’. The bridge has been the foundations of  self-knowledge.

It is not a mere coincidence that most ancient cultures had this knowledge. Among them, ancient Indian or Bharateeya spiritual sciences have had texts and treatises which speak eloquently. In its own way modern sciences have come a full circle and are recognising the tremendous value in ancient scriptures of India.

PEACE is Omnio Parenting’s offering to Parents.

Parenting is not mere set of ‘to dos’ the parents have to engage in. There is greater meaning in their role as parents. There is an evolution and fulfilment within the lives of parents and that is at the core! We encourage and guide parents to change focus from a set of things they need ‘to do’ to bring up a child, to evolving into better beings – i.e. ‘to be’ for themselves, their children, family and society.

Our focus is on true empowerment of parents across all life stages and domains of the parents and their children. It recognises that there is meaning and purpose in how the Universe is organised. Human Life is a derivative of and in the universe. It is not randomly organised. Hence, understanding and living life on this basis makes it more fulfilling and purpose oriented.