Parenting Truth

Is there such a thing as perfect parenting? Is there a difference between child rearing and parenting? Much has been expounded about parenting, the impact , the effect, the styles and the evolution of the same. However, there are are few aspects that remain certain and few others that remain vague about parenting practices in present times.

1]There seems to be no standard formula or style in parenting a child. This seems true even with regards to siblings.On what basis can a parent decipher what is the parenting need of a child?
2]Parenting needs change with the development of the child When is it about what a parent “does” and when is it about what a parent “is”?
3]There seems to be an element of “control” that is required in parentingIs a parent writing a child’s destiny by exercising power? Should a child be allowed to build its own path? Will a child get used to a parent making choices?
4]The way we parent is influenced by the way we were parentedHow deep is this influence? Is it more than what we can consciously identify?
5]Achievements and behaviours of our children seem to a feedback of our parenting efficiencyCan other influences be stronger than parenting? When and how can a parent know this?
6]There are times when a parent should actively involve in a situation and other times when a parent should refrain.When and how much should  one exercise active parenting? On what basis should these decisions be made?
7]A voice within the parent constantly says “I know my child best”.What about Self Will of the child? How   can a parent understand a child going the complete opposite way to what is known about the child.

Parenting is a subconscious activity not an intellectual or an emotional one. Any philosophy or methodology on parenting that is thought, feeling or opinion based might not stand its ground for long.  The knowledge of parenting  is one that we are all born with; but an efficient process and system is something to be learnt and practiced through subconscious methods . Understanding this can make a paradigm shift in the way one approaches parenting.