ABC of Parenting

Following Parenting Truth , what is required is a deeper understanding of how parenting is a subconscious activity and what we can do about it as parents. Since the subconscious cannot be felt, understood or contemplated upon, an effective way to understand its programming is through the patterns of expression. If we can follow these patterns , we can reprogramme the subconscious. Such progressive changes start with the parent and expand into the life of the child.

Subconscious Patterns

Culture, accents, body language, physical structure, preferences of likes and dislikes, choices, habits are all basically expressions of subconscious patterns. However, all these seem to be imbibed through many years of influence and enculturation.

Subconscious Learning

There are metaphysical processes through which the subconscious can be reprogrammed. Subconscious learning happens through repetitions too. For instances your math multiplication tables are “memorised” and memory is a subconscious faculty.
When Omnio Future was researching on subconsciously attained skills that are used in daily life, the one we came up with was “DRIVING” and it comes very close to parenting. We then designed a parenting programme that helps parents understand and improve their parenting skills through the analogy of driving ! And it works perfectly !

The understanding of ABC begins here. What are the controls? What is your vehicle? Where are you going? How is the road? Who is travelling with you? And last but not the least…. what is the ABC?

A – Calls for Active Parenting. This is in normal day to day situations. It corresponds to the Accelerator of a car !

B – Calls for Benevolent Parenting. For instance – if your child is chronically ill.  It suggests a need for Being Aware and corresponds to the Brake in a car !

C – Calls for Conscious Parenting. It may call for a fresh thinking or paradigm shift . For instance – Involving a Lifestyle change.

There is also a Gear System in the Car . The Gear corresponds to Growth and Grace !

Parents who have sought guidance or attended the Omnio Future Parenting Seminar, will be familiar with the A B C concepts.You can enrol for the Parent Mirror course which has the ABC exercises.