Parent Mirror: Understand your parenting style, how your subconscious imprints and individuality impacts your parenting and your child.

KYC [Know Your Child] Series: Know your child`s construct, how his/her elements work together, identify the hidden potentials & possibilities and how you can redesign in the mechanism to clear any blockages.

NCLB [No Child Left Behind]: Workshop that focuses on how learning happens in children, what is the truth of learning disabilities, how your parenting & education influences it and how we can identify and enhance the learning potential of a child.

Power Parenting Teenagers: Prepares the parent to handle this confusing and demanding phase and helps them to handle the power struggles, role & identity crisis, needs & demands of their teenage children

Where the Mind is without Fear: Find what fears our children carry or has be infused into them and how do we work to get them out of it.

Epigenetics & Parenting: Modern sciences and research have found that the genetics of a child is limited to what is inherited but the influence of surroundings, ecosystem and mainly the thoughts and emotions of the parents. This program gives you an insight into the power of epigenetics and how it can be adopted in parenting.

Womb of Parenting: Know how our interaction in the family and with our baby in the mother’s womb shapes her “life after birth” and how can we be conscious parents to have the best influence on her life.

Intended Invitation: Program for couples who are planning for a child or expecting a child. This program guides you on how to invite the child and move into conscious conception.

The Spirit Child: Program to understand the actual origin of the child, understand the possibility that exists in your child and how the possibilities can be manifested.

Conscious Conception: Program for parents (including planning or expecting parents) that help understand the impact of circumstances, mindset, situations and reasons for which you conceived and it`s impact on the life & future of the child.

The Story of Me: A power packed spiritual sciences workshop open for all parents and adults which gives us an idea of Who are we? Where have we come from? Who are we with? Where are we going? and the Purpose of Life. Everything that happens between Date of Birth to Date of Death!!