KYS [ Know Your Self]: A comprehensive program to understand oneself. Our construct, our energies, emotions, expressions, inter and intrapersonal skills. A step towards consciousness living & parenting.

Garbha Vijnana: This workshop, based on the marvellous knowledge from “Garbhopanishad” (ancient scripture of India dated to be over 6000 years old) focuses on providing deep understanding on the origins of human being, the influences of planets, parents, family, ecosystem, society on formation of a child from the time of conception.

Sanskaras – Derived from ancient developmental psychology, this course gives an in-depth understanding on the 16 major milestones of human development ranging from prenatal, infancy, early childhood and adulthood and how the behaviour, learning and requirements changes for a child in each of these stage and how a parent can cater to it efficiently.

Aparajita – A step ahead of cognitive psychology, gives a detailed understanding on What is learning, What is Education & Teaching, How can parents and educators facilitate the Learning, Learning potential & Education of a child in different stages of a child’s life.

Hrudaya Yoga in Parenting: Explore the power of human heart and apply it in parenting. Helps you become a more coherent and harmonious person, a better version of yourself as an individual and hence as a parent.