What is Mathematics in my view? Do I dare to define?
A mystical enigma of knowledge divine!
The truth about itself let Mathematics speak
To fathom its limits, human power is weak.

To the court of Queen mathematics, all subjects reached one day,
To listen, grasp and awe at what Mathematics had to say.
Each of the subjects waited in line for their chance
For audience with the Queen, for Her kind glance.

Physics bowed in obedience, most loved citizen, closest to the Queen
Without Her support, his laws would never have been.
“If not for you my Queen, how could I ever balance an equation?”

Said Mighty Chemistry humbly and got a standing ovation.

Civics said “O Queen!  You have gifted me with political fame,
I form the stage for the world’s dirtiest number game”.
“I lay gratitude on your feet!” History persisted,
“If not for backward counting, my dates would not have existed.”

Biology was indifferent and stood in a corner aloof
“I wonder what the Queen has done for me? Where is the proof?”
The Queen made up her logical mind and spoke in royal pride
“Don’t forget Biology, even your tiniest cells do divide.”

Languages smiled and said, “My Queen, prince Computer, Your son,
Has united us all and broken us down into zero and one.
Geography was happy and was spinning with a thankful attitude,
The Queen had bestowed him with every longitude and latitude.

Each subject, one by one, found itself empowered
By the Queen so benevolent, her love has always showered.

When all of them took leave, Man arrived in all ignorance
Carrying arms of research and inference, bundled in arrogance.
“All you have given me is pain, problems and anxiety
And then you sit here adorned like a heavenly deity?

Algebra, geometry, arithmetic – written or mental
Your fear has pushed many into professions medical and dental
I don’t see how for my life you are necessary
A jumble of digits zero to nine, you are just an intellectual’s accessory.”

Mathematics laughed and said, “Oh What a fool!
Yet another product from Macaulay’s pathetic school.
In all that you learn, in every science so great and fine,
When will you realise that I form the real spine!

For the human race, mathematics is a religion,
Unchanging its opinion for caste, creed, colour or region.
 In the world of education, it is the ultimate Gospel,
For any theory you need it, to prove or to dispel.

The shortcut to liberation, Mathematics is spiritual,
The best gift to mankind, it’s beyond real and virtual.
Nowhere else can you span from variable to constant,
If not in Mathematics, where can you see the Omnipotent?

When ONE wants ONE more, isn’t that friendship?
When TWO want to add many more, isn’t that comradeship?
When TWO try to become ONE, isn’t it love so deep?
When TWO become THREE, a family you reap.

That family unit of THREE goes exponential to form a society,
When ONE realises its uniqueness, it finds the Almighty.

If you live a valueless life, you are multiplied by zero,
Even though you might amass material and feel you are a hero.
Without hypocrisy, honest and true your life finds divinity
Because anything divided by zero has to be infinity.

If you be an antisocial, in humanity’s improper fraction,
You will always have a remainder, a debt, for every inappropriate action.
Haven’t you learnt that every human breathe is a count?
All deeds and their fruits are balanced in a cosmic account.

Mathematical count brings rhythm to every musical metre,
Counting is the favourite teaching aid, for “life” – the greatest teacher.
Before you were born your parents anxiously counted months nine
Throughout your life, pulses are counted to see if you are fine.

As a little baby you happily counted your toes and fingertips
As a dreamy child you tried to count the stars with moving lips.
Every year you counted candles on your birthday cake,
You counted moments of waiting and heartbeats missed for your lover’s sake.

As you bond in wedlock, you counted the scared knots ONE to THREE,
From the union of sets of families then you were never free.
As you began your own family you counted currency and assets,
The more you counted, the more you wanted, in life’s various facets.

If ever you counted less than what your desires and needs,
For heavenly help and miracles, you counted prayer beads.
In ripe old age you gathered your progeny and counted out your wealth,
Then all alone you sat counting days, till the very last breath.

Such a friend I have been from the beginning of your life,
Travelling along with you in time and age like a faithful wife.
Now you walk into my court and question my importance?
Tell me O Man why should I bear your defiance?”

Humbled, ashamed and regretful, Man then resigns
He begins to see in Mathematics the Universe and its designs.
To interpret and define mathematics, when a man tries
Trapped between its two MATs forever HE lies.

– Meera Shivanetra 

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