Vidya Rao & Bharadwaj Rao

Name: Vidya & Bharadwaj Rao

Occupation: IT Professional

Designation and Organisation: Strategic Solutions Manager, Nexthink

Participant of : [Know Your Self, Hrudaya Yoga, Omnio Learning Educators and Trainers Program

My experiences as an Omnio Parent

As a parent, the education and learning aspect of our son brought us to seek guidance from Omnio Future.

Our son was coming to the Temple of Excellence (TOE), which is the Omnio Learning Centre in RR Nagar Bangalore. The parents at TOE were really inspired by the culture, education philosophy, the people behind the idea and the great potential that spiritual science has to offer.

Consciousness Learning and Spiritual Sciences empowers us with a better understanding of ourselves, our culture and heritage makes us better learners and hence change the way we perceive things. With this change in our outlook, we could make a big influence on ourselves, as parents, as kids absorb the maximum from us. Better parent for a better kid.

We have joined the Omnio Learning Educators Training Program and the Hrudaya Yoga Programs. Thanks to the holistic approach of the programs, we have been able to deal with situations a lot differently than before and consciously been able to impart the values in our family. Not just as a parent but as children, friend, colleague and all other facets of life.

The biggest change in our lives has been the ability to shift from “Reacting” to “Responding” in most of the cases. And our son has become more emotionally equipped to handle situations than before.

The most rewarding part about being an Omnio Parent is the fact that it focuses more on making each individual understand oneself and their kid better and look at the infinite possibilities to grow and improve. It’s not just about educating the child but empowering oneself for better learning and life

I’m really looking forward to a Deeper understanding of the Universal knowledge and evolving into a better individual/parent/person who can further contribute to society.

My advice is to everyone who is reading this and is striving to be a better parent and aims for a brighter future for themselves and their kid (personally, professionally, socially) they should take up the Omnio Parenting path.

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