Name: Prakash

Occupation: (Fill)

Designation and Organisation: (Fill)

Participant of: [PCEP / Parent Mirror / KYS series / KYC series / Pregnancy / Preconception/ Infancy/ other] Parent Mirror & KYS Series.

My experiences as an Omnio Parent

Parent Mirror & KYS Series.

-What challenges in parenting did you seek guidance for

            How to address my child needs. Some time he is silent and Sometimes he is very aggressive, sometimes he is very dull.

– How you got to know about Omnio Future parenting programmes

           Attended couple of Class room sessions before getting associated with this family.

– What inspired you to join

            We come to know that spiritually, emotionally and consciously our child will be uplifted. This type of approach we never seen in other educational institution. When our child is getting empowered at early stage will be a good choice rather working at a later point of time.

– Why are consciousness learning and spiritual sciences important for a parent

With this knowledge it helps to mingle with child and understand the behaviour aspects.

– How has the holistic approach of the programmes contributed in your parenting journey

Yes, it helped us lot in understanding about our child behaviour and other aspects.

– Which sessions have you enjoyed the most

 Almost all the sessions.

– What changes have you observed in your self and your child since 

I, became more observant. I got to know when and when not to pamper my child. I got to know that he understands everything and I should be conscious. As I changed I see even my child behaving more responsibly.

– What is the best thing you like about being an Omnio Parent

            Empowering both Parent and Child.

– What are you most looking forward to in this journey 

            My child has to be independent, fearless, self empowering and capable of handling any situations. He has to stand and compete with the present world with other education systems. He must be a leader rather taking advises / help for each and every aspect of his life.

What would your advise be for parents who are considering Omnio Parenting

            One who wants to uplift their children in terms of both spiritually and emotionally then this is the right place. This place not only empowers child, it empowers the parents as well. This program is designed in such a way both parent and child will learn together. Parents gets a periodic guidelines and feedback about their child. This results in be a better & conscious parent rather be a conditional parent.

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