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My experiences as an Omnio Parent

My life story may be some what ideal from external world point of view as I completed all milestones as per society norms be it Education, marriage, Career or family. However I always felt some emptiness from inside of not having fulfilment in life. 

Life took turn 4 years back when my son was undergoing emotional turbulence and started asking many questions for which even I never got answers. We started searching for right guidance and then we came into contact with Omnio Future. It was blessing in disguise. Even though we went there to  ask for support for our son but we found that we need to evolve first to understand him better. Through “Story of Me” session I realised that even after 18 years of education, I didn’t know so many things about myself.

Each session at Omnio Future has been so empowering and have completely changed mine and my wife’s perspective to live the life. Clarity in our mind also reflected and helped us to chose right path for our son and daughter. We were able to feel that kids were finding learning as a pressure rather than passion in regular schooling. So we decided to take them out from regular school and opted for holistic education under Meera Maa and Babaji guidance.

Initially unschooling was tough not only for the kids but even for me and my wife also. Initially we had lot of anxiety about their future which slowly went away as they started unlocking their true inner potential. My daughter who was an average student in school had lot of hidden potential which gave her path to learn sound engineering and Child psychology. My son was chosen by Dr Amit Goswami (Quantum Physisist) for diploma in Quantum Science.

The emptiness which I used to feel all the way finally got fulfilled with 6 month weekend session on Ontological Coaching through Bhagwad Geeta which was taken by Meera Maa. I sincerely felt the power of ancient scripture and practicality of it in today’s modern times also. It was a revelation for me to find the fulfilment inside not outside.

After undergoing Omnio heart program, I realised that logical  thinking which is considered as one of the major strength in corporate world, if not utilised when it is needed  can become one of the major bottleneck in creative and intuitive thinking. 

 After my 40 years of age real journey of learning has started.  I feel that it is a rebirth for me and I have got the purpose of my life. 

I feel first each parent need empowerment before child. We should be capable to provide our children holistic education rather than pushing them for rote learning. Future careers are going to be completely different.

Are we making our children ready for future? I see Omnio Future as an organisation which can change future for India.

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