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My experiences as an Omnio Parent

Shivoham! Parenting is a very conscious act. I am very responsible but am I conscious!! this  was my first reflection when i came into Omnio Parenting. As every parent would wish, even I wanted to give the best to my child..i.e best health and education. I had  greater vision but not the attitude matching to that. There i got to know that the method of doing it is very instinctive as every mammal would do, but there is actually something else called intentional parenting. That was an eye opener for me. After all this i came to know about something very significant – the Golden period – importance of pre-conception, pregnancy and infancy and education during this period.. wow.. this made me sure that my child is taking me to the place where he intends to be in. I was fortunate enough to attend many other programmes of Omnio Parenting, got to know many other things.. just to name one or two of them like, sub-conscious patterns, belief systems and epigenetics..

More than any other thing having met Meera Maa and Babaji who are not just mentors but something beyond any word could describe.. the experience of that Guru Thatva that Guru shakthi.. who made me realize that i can no more hide myself in comfort zone, no more escapism’s in life..

Inspite of all this, when i realize that – I am still a victim of my old patterns.. what a struggle it is to come out of all those and brake the shell.. It makes me even more sure and certain that my child is in the safe hands.. Now i feel I am responsible when i say that “come what may, my child is in the right place and he will continue to be there..”

With all my Pranams to Maa and Babaji..MamathaShivoham

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