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Name: Archana Sujith

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My experiences as an Omnio Parent

Hi,I am Archana,i run a house and take care of my family.
I am a participant of Parent Mirror and KYC programs.

The responsibility of raising healthy and happy kids can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents.we are bombarded with expert advice and social expectations  yet often miss out on the informal support that our parents received from neighbors and extended family.

We all want our kids to like us.we being afraid to say NO.Pampering our children by getting them whatever is being asked.Then a question a araises by doing this are we spoiling our kids by providing the things so easily which might affect them at later stages of life.And also main challenge what as a parent we face is to Ensure the quality of Education.

My Husband colleague suggested Omnio Learning Center thru which we got to know  about the various programs conducted including omnio Future parenting  programs.

Looking at the future and present burden on children with respect to curriculum  and restriction on knowing beyond what mentioned in books.TOE has a different approach by merging ancient teaching  with modern science.By knowing and understanding their  methods and approach towards education inspired us to join the Omnio Family.

Aademic is a part of learning process. There are different types of learning at different ages  and Omniofuture has educators to develop the child is what we understand after undergoing many sessions like parent mirror, KYC etc.The regular such sessions to parents make ourselves aware about how the child is developing and how I can improve or change to support the learning needs of the child.Each session conveyed us the much needed information which was helpful for both parents and also kids.

Initially we had admitted our 2nd child who was yet to seek admission in regular school but we choose Omnio center for him .After 6 months we could see a lot of changes like his communication, interaction, concentration, clarity on what he wants, his learning and thinking habits etc.. These made our beliefs strong in such system which will empower child to be a good learner. And we pulled out our first child from regular school and put her in alternate education .

The best thing I like being an Omnio parent is as parents we are involved in each activity and will be part of it rather than being a spectator.Our simple suggestions,requests and few inputs will be heard.

I would like to see our children handling the future without fear, grown in the area of their interest and have no doubt about this system in making the children capable of what is they are made for.

To the parents who are looking for alternate education, experience the learning along with child and improve yourself in Omniofuture TOE…..

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