Deepti Hasabi

Name: Deepti Hasabi

Occupation: Educator

Designation and Organisation: (fill)

Participant of: Preconception, Pregnancy, Infancy, PCEP.Heading

My experiences as an Omnio Parent

A long time ago, when me and my husband were planning to become parents, we wanted to invite a wonderful child to our family. The Garbhasanskaras were very important to us and we were looking for someone to explain and guide us with this science. As luck would have it, this is when we were introduced to Maa Skanda Meera. Our journey into conscious parenthood started there. Since then it has been miraculously liberating journey for me.

Motherhood for me is the experience of becoming a learner. In this journey I have come across many masters, including my own child.

I am today a successful and happy parent and educator. Successful, because I am able to understand myself, my child and all the children who come to me. This is only because I am involved in consciousness learning and spiritual sciences. What it has enabled me to do is understand what is needed, process it and respond consciously. I am able to appreciate myself and everyone around me for who they are. The sessions are eye openers for me.

Due to awareness of the 16 Sanskaras, and the practices done by us right from the Preconception days, we knew our child is going to be special and hence the regular mainstream education would not suffice for his growth and development. This is when we were told about TOE, and we are glad to have chosen it. After coming here we have come to know his construct, what is it that his spirit needs right now, how can we harness his potential, when to be his parents and when are we his educators. We also have come to know, what kind of inputs to give him, what should we as parents, develop in ourselves. The growth in me is not only for the benefit of me, but it also helps my child and family.  

Not only this, but the classes conducted for parents and educators are something I have been enjoying here. They are exactly what we need. What the education system could not do so far, is being addressed here.

I have always loved being a parent and what I love the most about Omnio Parenting is the empowerment that it brings about.

I am looking forward for this journey ahead. I know it is going to have some interesting twists and turns, some with enchanting views, some with straight roads and somethings that are going to be absolutely unexpected. The journey itself is going to be just wonderful.

What I would tell all the parents around is, Don’t think, just join. Only when you are a part of this journey, yous will experience it, because in whichever way I describe it, an outsider will never get the full picture. Not only as a parent, but an educator as well, I know this is what every child deserves.

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